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Moderating a usability test for YUP,
a mobile application for underserved young parents

I've studied Interaction Design at ArtCenter College of Design since 2015. I was drawn to UX design after working as a dentist's research assistant. Watching him struggle to use new software he needed for his work made me want to improve enterprise software experiences. My interests have expanded since then to include consumer mobile experiences.

I have experience designing and conducting user research for:
B2B mobile enterprise application in GIS 
IS strategy for reducing workplace friction in biotech
Vehicle VUIs
Digital kitchen products
Agentive tech for elderly people

I am interested in UX design, product design, and user research roles. I'd love to work with a reflective and passionate team.

I spend my free time doing digital interior decorating in the Sims and not playing much of the rest of the game. Most of my other hobbies are more enjoyable with company. I enjoy watching blacksmithing videos, smelling random perfumes, and making tea with my friends.

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Resume is available upon request.

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For fun

3D printed Yugioh Duel Disk Headphones