May 2018 - 10 week product design project - Esri UX Design internship

Navigator is a custom enterprise navigation application for field workers. As an intern, I was tasked with designing the preplanned routes feature for Android and iOS.

Product Design - Designed the end to end experience for pre-planned routes and made sure it was consistent on multiple devices.

User Research - created a study plan and midfidelity prototypes for task-based usability tests at Esri's User Conference. Moderated tests, compiled and organized results in Airtable.

Whitney Kotlewski - Senior UX architect

10 weeks
May 2018 to August 2018

01. Problem

How can we implement pre-planned routes to streamline setup?

During the summer 2018, I worked on the redesign of Navigator and helped design the new pre-planned routes feature. Navigator is a professional navigation app for the workforce, which includes professionals such as fleet workers and truck drivers. Navigator helps workers access private maps that are not publicly available and receive their pre-planned routes from employers.

Currently, the preplanned routes feature is not accessible in the app. Drivers can only access their routes through an email their managers send out. Because drivers are often using work-issued phones to use Navigator, starting their daily assigned routes takes a lot of setup and workarounds.

I was tasked with creating the end-to-end user workflow on the driver side and making sure the experience was consistent on Android and iOS.

02. Objective

Design a pre-planned routes feature that is intuitive to use for the driver and reduces setup time.

03. Solution

Simplifying a formerly complex workflow to a few simple steps

The pre-planned routes feature now has a simplified workflow so it's easier to access for drivers. It is as easy as finding and viewing their route in the panel. The feature is also designed as a new component to be contributed to the Esri design system.

how it works

Route Preview

The driver checks and previews the route.


The driver starts their route. It is a short flow, but that is the point.

04. what I learned

Lessons from shipping my first feature

I learned many indispensable lessons at my time at Esri that helped me grow as a designer. It was my first experience designing for enterprise and designing with tight constraints.  I really appreciate the opportunity my mentor gave me to design a real feature and experience product design work. Here are some of my takeaways from that experience:  

  • You're designing for your team as well as your user. A little empathy for your team goes a long way and can improve communication with engineers and product managers.

  • Using pre-existing patterns and components from a design system helps keep the experience consistent across multiple platforms. It makes developer handoff easier. It also helps users with navigating different apps from the company. Learning this helped me create a new component for Esri's design system.

  • Pixel perfect high fidelity mockups matter. Not only is it important aspect of craftsmanship, devs are using inspect on the mockups for reference and need the exact numbers to be right for the mockups to translate well.

My design for pre-planned routes was shipped in the Alpha and is currently being used in the Beta. You can see a blog post about this feature here:

At the end of my internship, I gave a presentation about my work to the ESRI design department. To see my process and the other work I did at Esri, you can view the presentation here: